Having just posted a representative of “beauty” with an image of the Rainbow Pitta it seemed only fair to give the “beast” category some exposure. The Bearded Pig (Sus barbatus) is native to mainland Malaysia and Borneo and some other South-East Asian Islands. This cheerful creature was happily pigging out on jungle fruit at Bako National Park, not far from Kuching in Sarawak. The IUCN Red List website warns us that the Bearded Pig is vulnerable (category Vulnerable A2cd ver3.1). The Red List commentary says the Bearded Pig was abundant and widespread in the Malaysian Peninsula until recently but has now probably been extirpated from northern Peninsular Malaysia and northern Sumatra. The species is most widespread in the island of Borneo which might now hold the bulk of the population. Its decline has been attributed to heavy hunting and habitat loss. Bearded Pigs consume roots, fungi, invertebrates in rotting wood, small vertebrates, turtle eggs, carrion, and items from at 50 genera and 29 families of plants. They are NOT fussy easters but fruit supply is the key factor in determining growth rate, fat deposition and reproduction.