My friend Ian Munro saw a Spangled Drongo (Dicrurus bracteatus) sitting on a nest before he headed off to Central Australia for a few weeks. When he returned to his little piece of paradise near Esk in South East Queensland the nest was occupied by three little creatures covered in pin-feathers. In the next eight days they grew into these fully feathered and most demanding youngsters. Drongos do cope with up to five in a brood. Great mothering Mrs Drongo and great pics Mr Munro. Thanks for sharing.

Helen Davidson writes in the Guardian from Cardwell in Queensland:

“Girringun: the trailblazing indigenous corporation caring for 1.2m hectares of North Queensland.

“The mammoth task of protecting a huge area of land and sea, as well as fighting to keep local languages and traditions alive is all in a days work for Girringun’s extraordinary rangers”

Read her report in the Guardian: