Sarawak Rooster

This magnificent rooster was tethered on the communal porch of a Penan longhouse near Miri when we visited in 2011. The flat sheets in the background are blocks of latex, natural rubber, harvested from the jungle and now curing before sale. In this state latex has a pretty unpleasant smell…but it brings a good price. Enjoy the week. I plan to post again next Saturday … perhaps with some rock art images from Arnhem Land.

The large scale replacement of the healthy natural disorder of lowland rainforest by neatly ordered rows of oil palms, is a disaster for many species. But on the face of it, this squirrel I photographed near Miri in Sarawak, looks forward to taking a share of oil palm harvest. My identification is a google image based guess but I think this attractive creature is probably Callosciurus prevostii, one of the genus known as “Beautiful Squirrels”. But if any one knows better, please correct me.