Some birds are really hard to photograph. They hide themselves amongst twigs and leaves and you might see a piece of bird but rarely the whole thing. Not so the Lemon Bellied Flycatcher (Microeca flavigaster) in my experience. It gives the impression it wants its photo taken. I came up with a theory today— I think the bird is intrigued by the shiny lens. It came out from the shrubbery and perched close up to cock its head and stare straight down the lens barrel. I love ‘em!

An immature and an adult Lemon Bellied Flycatcher (Microega flavigaster) in the mangroves at Rapid Creek. The youngster with the spotted back still thinks it’s worth a try asking mum for food, trying on the dropped wing and open gape posture. I don’t think so kid. The three races of LBFs cover North Australia and are also found in Papua-New Guinea. They lay only one egg in a tiny nest of bark fibre and spiders web.