A somewhat cheeky portrayal of the female figure in this rock art image from Western Arnhem land. The artist has not only exaggerated the nipples but has carefully added a spiky bush of pubic hair, something that is quite unusual. On the right she has a woven dilly bag hung around her neck and in her left hand (at the viewer’s right) she carries a goose-wing feathered fan.

This simple but elegant and graceful depiction of the female figure is one of tens of thousands of rock art images from the Western Arnhem Plateau. Only a small percentage have been recorded. The reddish orange pigment used here has soaked into the porous sandstone surface and has become very stable and permanent. This also makes it hard to tell the age of the painting, it might be as recent as a few hundred years old or it might be from earlier times in a tradition of art and occupation going back more than 40,000 years.