People of the Nightcliff Promenade #1: Imogen Gough has the best view of any barista in Darwin when she fires up Teardrop Coffee down where the promenade turns towards Rapid Creek. She’s been there all this dry season serving a brew with a view… and a top brew it is…from 7.30am to 10.30am every weekday. “I’ll keep going through the wet season, whenever the weather is right.” Imogen, who is a long-time denizen of the Deep North spent 10 years doing “bits and pieces” out in eastern Arnhem Land before deciding she wanted to improve the quality of coffee being served in Darwin. “I thought of opening a regular coffee shop but I didn’t like idea of a huge expense or being stuck inside every day. Then one day I woke with the idea of Teardrop Coffee. Some friends in Melbourne had built my little tear drop from plans and it’s worked out very well after a few modifications to fit the full-scale coffee machine”. When the paddle and sailboarders are into it, cyclists are cycling, walkers are walking and mums and dads are taking babies down to catch the sea breeze, Imogen is there for them. Find the little van’s facebook page at Teardrop Coffee.