Painted sometime between the mid-nineteenth century and early twentieth century this humourous depiction of two pipe-smoking Europeans riding a horse is located high on the rugged Arnhem Plateau at Bodbang Workwork near the Liverpool River in Djorrorlom clan country.
Warddeken Land Management’s rock art conservation program seeks to preserve and restore relationships as well as conserve images.
Lachlan Jumbirri grew up at Manyallaluk near Katherine hearing stories of his country from his father but was not able to visit that country until a trip sponsored by Warddeken in 2004. Lachlan’s family history is like many from the Warddeken diaspora, people who left the country for various reasons but who, through reasons of marriage or of health issues, or indeed of getting sustained access to 20th century western “essentials” were unable to return.
Moving back permanently to country remains too hard for many of their descendants today, but Warddeken assists where it can reconnecting country and people and in particular with keeping new generations in touch with their heritage and management responsibilities.
In March this year Lachlan brought his sons Seth and Oscar to see the art sites at Bodbang Workwork (pictured).
These images and 34 others can be seen in room 101 at the Melbourne Conference and Exhibition Centre during ICOM-CC 2014.

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