You don’t expect a wildlife photo opportunity in Brisbane’s CBD when on the way to photograph a wedding. But it happened in a small bit of very manicured parkland off Wickham Terrace in Brisbane. Just beside the path amongst the mulch and irrigation pipes was a very tiny Bush Stone-curlew chick and its parents. The chick hurried over to mum while dad made it plain they didn’t want to be disturbed, putting on a very effective threat display, including sound effects. While the Bush Stone-curlew (Burhinus grallarius) is doing well across north Australia, both in town and bush as far south as Brisbane, the latest information from Birdlife Australia is that it is declining in both New South Wales and Victoria. Closer to home, a tragic footnote to my blog on the Bush Stone-curlew sitting on two eggs in the front yard of a religious hostel at the end of my street. On my morning walk today, not far from the nest site, I found the mother bird standing over the bodies of the two tiny chicks on the roadway — victims of traffic and the reliance of BSCs on camouflage. The father bird was standing nearby on the footpath but the mother wouldn’t leave the dead chicks and get out of the traffic. I moved them to the grassy footpath and left the parents to their obvious state of grief.

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